Rhythmic Gymnastics is the most beautiful and graceful Olympic Sport.  It is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet, and modern and classical dance.  Rhythmic Gymnastics is choreographed to music and performed with colorful ribbons, balls, ropes, hoops, and clubs.

Have you watched Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Olympic Games and wished you could learn this stunning sport?  Dancers, ballet dancers, acrobats are welcome and discover your true dreams!

Rhythmic Ribbon Of Texas is a year-around developmental rhythmic gymnastics program where every child is special and welcome. We offer Beginner Classes, Recreational Classes, Competitive Team training, and Multipurpose Flexibility Class.  Our Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics program was designed to introduce children to Rhythmic Gymnastics and help them to find out what this sport is all about!

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics

This program provides girls and ladies with training that help buildup and maintain their fitness and body figures in the best shapes. 

Beginner Classes

 This program is  based on USAG Rhythmic levels 1 and 2 program and focused on
learning fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope  to develop eye-hand coordination. This Class is focused on development of basic locomotory and pre-acrobatics skills, body positions, flexibility, strength, balance, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, good posture and coordination.  Children are practicing 1 to 4 hours a week, participate in level/skill test, and have an opportunity to perform in our annual shows.  And Most Important Kids Are Having a lot of FUN!

Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics

This program benefits the participants the most. The girls can acquire maximum flexibility and strength, physically, mentally and artistically. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Games sport.  The program trains girls with competitive disciplines, at many levels.

Rhythmic Gymnastics for Daycare

This is a very fun and creative class. This program provides pre-kindergarten kids boys and girls fundamental body movements and apparatus techniques of rhythmic gymnastics using ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope to develop eye-hand coordination.  In this class kids will learn the basic dance and ballet with emphasis on coordination and rhythm. 

Multi-Sport Flexibility Class

This program was specially designed for rhythmic gymnasts, ballerinas, dancers, and ice skaters.  Its not only increases flexibility, but also improves line, lift and performance quality, while conditioning the body to prevent injuries.  So this class is a great tool for any sports.

Rhythmic Gymnastics for Seniors

This program is designed to meet the physical and emotional needs for seniors. It let seniors make creative movements to music, while working with ribbons, balls and hoops.  This unique gymnastics is practiced while seniors are sitting in their comfortable chairs.  While seniors are doing stretching exercises, yoga and routines with ribbons, balls and hoops, they will enjoy age appropriate music.  The music are specially selected for seniors, so that they can sing along and reminisce.  This program enhances hand/feet/eye coordination and is very rewarding for seniors, physically and mentally.

Learn elegant, expressive, precise & graceful movements...
Develop flexibility, strength & coordination...
Keep up physical fitness... with music...

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